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Last Friday, 80LV featured the review of KKamjang, Tripolygon's representative 3D artist. 80LV is a famous Internet game magazine.

His artwork, "Neon City" designed from beginning to end using UModeler, was unveiled at the "Blocktober Event". The event was held on Twitter last October.

Many game related people praised his work. In the article KKamjang explained his work in detail. And he shared many useful tips and experiences on modeling and design using UModeler.

This article has been widely promoted to game developers, designers and modelers around the world through 80LV Twitter and Facebook. Click on the image below to check out his review.

UModeler 2.8.0 has been released. This is the first update in 2021 so we've prepared a special demo pack called Witch's Cauldron modeled with UModeler.

The space is a witch's lab to make potions. A large cauldron is at the center of the room and there are many books on the shelf and various materials are hanging. It seems that the witch left her hat in the lab.

I hope you will enjoy the interesting atmosphere.

This update includes only one change as shown below.

Fix : Fixed UV disappearing bug as UModeler objects are duplicated using Mirror Object Tool

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Even though these updates are for hot fixes they contain many fixes and some new features.

What's noticeable in this update is that the following new menu items have been added

Diagnose All UModeler Objects - Finds corrupt and invalid UModeler objects in the scene.

Repair All Corrupt UModeler Objects - Repairs all corrupt UModeler objects in the scene so that any errors won’t happen.

If you want to know more about these two new menus , please check out here.

All changes we made this time are listed below.


• Fix : Fixed Null Reference Exception after being loaded, which caused with the codes added in 2.7.26f6


• Fix : Fixed the Loop Select tool not working on a cap polygon such as a top disk polygon of a cylinder etc.

• Fix : Fixed UVs in UV Editor after UModeler objects are combined using Combine Tool.

• Fix : Fixed incorrect texts in Preference window and Tooltip in the Polygon Color tool.

• Fix : Fixed CTRL and SHIFT key behaviours in UV elements selection. Holding CTRL excludes the existing selection. Holding SHIFT adds the new selections.

• Feature : Added Diagnose All UModeler Objects menu item.

• Feature : Added Repair All Corrupt UModeler Objects menu item.


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