Hello Everyone.

We are very happy to inform you that 2021 third update has been released.

This update brings you the Dreadnought Robot Asset Pack. This is the first mechanic style we tried with UModeler. We have performed almost every process of Dreadnought from modeling to texturing in Unity.

In particular, for this project, we once again proved the potential of UModeler by creating textures with Surforge instead of using ZBrush and Substance Painter.

All changes we made this time are listed below.

  • Assets : Includes Dreadnought robot demo pack.

  • Enhancement : Supported collaborating with the Surforge asset.

  • Fix : Fixed not being able to select vertices on the mirror plane in Mirror mode.

All changes we made this time are listed below.

• Assets : Includes the Turtle Ship demo pack.

• Enhancement : Added the Hand Tool (Q Key) in UV Editor.

• Enhancement : Added Alt+RMB Move to Zoom in/out in UV Editor

• Fix : Fixed not being able to move 3D Cursor using the move gizmo.

• Fix : Fixed overlapped polygons after UV unwrapping and using LoopSlice Tool.

• Fix : Fixed Hand Tool (Q Key) not working on the edit mode in the scene view.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where double click for loop selection didn’t work when the

cursor is on a gizmo.

• Fix : Fixed Select Only Visible not working on edges.

Experience a New World of Modeling with UModeler Lite

Hello Everyone! We are very pleased to release UModeler Lite for free.

UModeler is a professional modeling tool used by game developers in over 130 countries around the world. Sketch-based UModeler interface and 20 useful core functions allow you to do various tasks such as level design, 3D modeling, VFX, and concept design within Unity.

Click the following image to access UModeler Lite assetstrore.

Along with the release of the UModeler lite, we also released various timelapse and tutorial videos so that users can model more conveniently.

Level Design

Concept Design

3D Modeling


Features difference between Lite ver and Full ver

Tools difference between Lite ver and Full ver

The available tools listed below in the Lite version are core ones for 3D modeling so we’re sure that with just following tools you can create great levels and artworks.

  • Vertex, Edge and Polygons Tools

  • Loop Select Tool

  • Line Tool

  • Rectangle Tool

  • Box Tool

  • Cylinder Tool

  • PushPull Tool

  • LoopSlice Tool

  • Bridge Tool

  • Eraser Tool

  • Combine Tool

  • Detach Tool

  • Flip Tool

  • Material Tool

  • UV Tool

  • Local Settings Tool

  • New UModeler Tool


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