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Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.10.0.

Some issues you reported have been handled.

Enjoy playing with UModeler!

Version 2.10.0 | Jan.25.2023 - Fixed an issue where Error : mainRenderableMesh is Null error occurred when a mesh in the MeshFilter component was saved. - Fixed displaying different scale UI of the transform component in Unity 2022.2 - Fixed an issue occurring in Unity 2022.2 where undoing an 'Unpack Prefab' action shows a prompt "You can't add a UModeler component in a Prefab instance" and selecting 'OK' crashes the Editor

이 채널 내에서 메시지를 보낼 권한이 없어요.

Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.9.25.

This is the first update announcement in 2023.

I hope you'll doing everything well this year.

And Happy New Year!

Version 2.9.25 | Dec.30.2022 - Fixed an issue where a child asset object of a prefab was removed when the prefab mode was closed. - Fixed a bug where components were removed when UModelerizing.

Hello, everyone.

We've released 2.9.24. See what's changed here.

Version 2.9.24 | Dec.27.2022 - Fixed an error which occurred in TPUModelerEditor.UModelerEditorInitializer.OnSceneLoaded() - Fixed an issue where a vertex selection by LMB clicking didn't work in the Hotspot Layout Editor.


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