Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.9.1.

I hope this update will help your work.

And we're going to try to update more frequently.


UModeler v2.9.1

UV Editor : Fixed the Setting window issue of the UV Editor where the bottom item wasn’t visible wholly.

Boolean Tool : Fixed an Boolean tool error occuring when two meshes with lots of polygons are operated using the Boolean operation.

Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools : Fixed an issue regarding Generate UVs property in Element tools.

Polygon Tool : Fixed a bug where Snap to Polygon doesn’t work when a polygon gets close to another polygon.

Capsule Tool : Fixed an issue where Auto Smoothing property didn’t work in the Capsule tool.

Hotspot Texturing : Fixed an issue of Hotspot texturing to make Scale property work better for a tripolygon.

Stair Tool : Replaced Wide Step and Reverse properties with Rotate by 90° button.


Hello, everyone.

Finally we've released UModeler 2.9.0 to remaster the menu icons.

Some icons have been reshaped and the large icon mode has been added.

And we give away the Bastos Station asset during this spring sale.

This asset has been modeled with UModeler and it is included in 2.9.0.

Version 2.9.0 - April.11.2022


- NEW FEATURE : Remastered Menu Icon Mode.

- The Reshaped Icons

- The Large Icon Mode.

- Fix : Fixed a crash bug recurring when undoing after detaching polygons with the Detach tool

- Fix : Fixed a crash bug recurring when undoing a cut operation that detaches the object.

Hello, everyone.

UModeler 2.8.20 has been released.


UModeler v2.8.20

- Fix : Fixed an issue where multiple vertices weren't removed using Eraser Tool.

- Fix : Fixed an issue where the following error message recurred in Unity 2022.1.


Enjoy UModeler!!