We've improved the Bake Tool and fixed some bugs. As ever your feedback has been very helpful in advancing UModeler .

The changes which made in this update are listed below.

• Fixed non-UModeler object jump issue happening when it is selected with World Grid Snap enabled.

• Added Bake Position button in Misc/Bake Transform Tool. This makes the position zero and applies the difference to each vertex position.

• Modified Bake All behaviour in Misc/Bake Transform Tool. It used to set the pivot to the center of AABB. Now it set the pivot to (0,0,0).

• Fixed the error message in Prefab Window when the prefab object is a non-umodeler object and has a UModeler object as a child.

• Fixed a broken UVs when a concave polygon gets unwrapped using Plane Unwrap Tool.

• Handled the Prefab window dirty flag issue.

UModeler 2.7.21 has been released. This update includes many bug fixes as below.

  • Fixed the menu type setting like Icon/Text based menu not being restored in some cases.

  • Fixed the Move Snap Size in Settings window not being resotred.

  • Fixed UModeler object jumps with World Grid Snap enabled when the parent object is transformed.

  • Fixed creating a broken box when Scale in Trasnform component isn’t (1,1,1)

  • Fixed Unity gizmo disappearing bug after being undone.

  • Fixed a lag and rapid memory growth issue caused by redundant RefreshAll calling when a parent UModeler object with many child UModeler objects gets selected

  • Fixed an issue where a dirty flag is marked just when UModeler object being selected and it caused redundant source control diffs.

  • Fixed the Fit tool issue in UV Editor where the selected UV islands weren’t fitted in (0,0)-(1,1) range.

  • Fixed the UV layout Export bug where the exported .png has an artifact.

  • Fixed the shadow disappearing bug when there is an empty UModeler object in a scene.

Enjoy UModeler!

Hello everyone,

At last the PushPull tool bug where some newly created polygons are flipped which might have bothered you for a long time has been fixed.

The following video shows that some flipped polygons are created in some cases in 2.7.19 and older versions.

From 2.7.20 this issue has been fixed as shown below.

And with 2.7.20 you are able to select multiple elements by holding Shift key as well as Ctrl key. The difference is that holding Ctrl isn't allowed for box selection like Unity's object selection.

The last bug we fixed in this update is that raw html tags were exposed in the tooltip when UModeler package is loaded in a project. This has been fixed in 2.7.20

I hope this update will help you in working with UModeler and have enjoyable 3D Modeling time with UModeler!


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