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Hello, everyone.

We've released 2.9.24. See what's changed here.

Version 2.9.24 | Dec.27.2022 - Fixed an error which occurred in TPUModelerEditor.UModelerEditorInitializer.OnSceneLoaded() - Fixed an issue where a vertex selection by LMB clicking didn't work in the Hotspot Layout Editor.

Hello, everyone.

UModeler 2.9.23 has been released!

Now you don't need to convert the basic materials in URP or HDRP project.

Version 2.9.23 | Dec.19.2022 - Supports the basic materials for URP and HDRP by default.

Enjoy UModeler!

Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.9.22.

Here is the release log.

Version 2.9.22 | Dec.2.2022 - Fixed an issue where the prefab editor is paused when the prefab UModeler object has children. - Fixed an issue where drawing a line using the Line tool doesn't work on the bent quad polygon to cut it out.

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