Hello, everyone.

We released UModeler 2.8.8f6 after fixing some issues and enhancing the existing functions based on your feedback.

I hope you'll love them.

Enjoy UModeler!

Here is the change list.

● Includes the Medieval Weapons Package

- Bow and Magic wands plus Swords and Shields for 2.8.8 users.

● Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.8 users

● Fixed a bug where the Scale gizmo axis isn’t aligned with the Object’s rotation.

● Added ‘’Auto Smoothing’’ property in Bevel Tool

● Added a hotkey to toggle on and off UV Editor. Ctrl + Shift + U.

● Added a hotkey to toggle on and off floating the Menu and Property Windows.

Ctrl + Shift + 8.

● Added a hotkey for Auto Smooth. Ctrl + Shift + 6.

● Added a hotkey for Remove All in Smoothing Group Tool. Ctrl + Shift + 9.

● Added a snapping function to snap the straight cut plane straightly in Cut Tool.

● Added a new function to separate an half part to another game object in Cut Tool.

Hello, everyone.

I'm so pleased to announce that UModeler 2.8.8 has been released finally.

This package includes the Medieval Weapons Package in which Bows and Magic wands are added. Total weapon number is 65.

Of course all of them were modeled with UModeler.

Here is a video to show how the weapons are equipped and used by the Hamster Knight!

Plus lots of new features have been added in this update.

Especially Keep Size property to unwrap UVs proportional to face sizes suggested by @BWing have been implemented.

Check out below what has changed in this update.


• Asset : Includes the Medieval Weapons Package - Bow and Magic wands plus Swords and Shields for 2.8.8 users.

• Asset : Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.8 users

• Enhancement : Added the Center Snap function in Parallel Tool

• Enhancement : Added Remove UModeler menu to remove UModeler components of the selected objects.

• Enhancement : Added Copy Materials and Paste Materials buttons in Material tool to allow you to copy materials and paste them in another UModeler object.

• Enhancement : Added Keep Size property in Plane Unwrap Tool and Cube Unwrap Tool of the UV Editor to unwrap a polygon whose size is proportional to its size.

• Enhancement : Implemented transferring element selection when Vertex Tool, Edge Tool and Polygon Tool being selected to keep selection.

Have fun with UModeler!

We've released a new hotfix update.

Recently a professional tester tested UModeler very intensively.

As a result we're very pleased that we managed to take care of lots of issues for a short time.

We hope you'll love this update. Have fun with UModeler.


• Asset : Includes the Medieval Weapons - Swords and Shields Pack for 2.8.7 users.

• Asset : Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.7 users

• Fix : Fixed a bug where Invisible in Playmode in Local Settings tool toggle removes any secondary materials from the object and causes Submesh Index Out of Bounds errors.

• Fix : Fixed a Material Tool issue where it is possible to remove all material slots, which then throws ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions and breaks the Inspector window if the GameObject is de-selected and re-selected

• Fix : Fixed an issue where the gizmos’ size of UV Editor is too large and not adapative according to the UV editor size.

• Fix : Fixed a stack overflow issue where a mesh object is umodelerized using UModelerize Hierarchically.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where Shift was displayed in view commentary in Extrusion mode even when the extrude modifier key changed to Caps Lock in the Preference.

• Fix : Fixed a Multi-PushPull Tool bug where Selecting One Step Pull without an active polygon selected throws NullReferenceExceptions • Fix : Fixed a Mirror Object Tool bug where MissingReferenceExceptions are thrown when repainting the scene view(moving the mouse around) after undoing a Mirror Object action

• Fix : Fixed a Clone Tool bug where Dragging on a polygon with the left mouse button only slightly and then clicking on an empty space in the Scene view throws an unhandled NullReferenceException

• Fix : Fixed a Clip Tool bug where Unhandled NullReferenceException in certain scenarios

• Fix : Fixed a Polygon Group Tool bug where Remove Polygons button without a polygon selected throws a NullReferenceException

• Fix : Fixed a bug where Shift+LMB on the selected menu button doesn’t work to bringing up a online manual.

• Fix : Fixed a Grow Select Tool bug of UV editor where Unhandled NullReferenceException is thrown when attempting to grow selection on a single face in the UV Editor

• Fix : Fixed a Export Tool bug of UV Editor where warnings about releasing render texture that is set to be are thrown upon exporting

• Fix : Fixed shortcut crash of Arc Tool and Duplicate Tool - Arc Tool shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+Q. Duplicate Tool shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+D.