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Hello, everyone.

UModeler 2.9.21 has been release.

A bug where an original mesh disappear was found in Mirror Object Tool, and it has been fixed.

Version 2.9.21 | Nov.24.2022 - Fixed a Mirror Object Tool issue where the original mesh disappears when Duplicate and Mirror runs.

Enjoy, UModeler!

Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.9.19.

Version 2.9.19 | Nov.11.2022 - Fixed an issue where the original material changed to UModeler material after UModelerizing. - Added Remove UModeler and Remove UModeler Hierarchically in the menu to remove UModeler components of the selected game objects. - Creates UModeler as Byte Stream Data option in the Preference has been removed because it isn't supported anymore.

And Black Friday Sale 2022 has started and UModeler is 50% off during the sale.(~Dec.7)

We made a new asset called Riverwalk-City modeled with UModeler in Unity.

This asset includes many buildings and roads and props etc that are usually found in a city.

And we're happy to announce that UModeler 2.9.20 has been released with this awesome asset.

I hope you won't miss out on the opportunity to get it.

Version 2.9.20 | Nov.14.2022 - Includes the New 3D asset called Riverwalk City made for URP.

Enjoy UModeler!

Hello, everyone.

A UModeler user found out an issue which started to occur after the new prefab system was applied so we fixed it.

Version 2.9.18-2 hotfix | October.20.2022 - Fixed a bug where NullReferenceException error occurs when non-UModeler object is selected in the hierarchy window


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