Hello, everyone.

UModeler v2.9.7 has been released.

We've fixed edge removal issue.

Check out through the following video clips.

Version 2.9.7 - July.13.2022 - Fixed an issue where some edge polygons were left after removing edges by using the Eraser tool or pressing 'Del' key.

Hello, everyone.

I'm really pleased to say that finally some buggy behaviors related to elements movement have been resolved in this update.

I think this issue has bothered you so much sometimes.

Additionally more bugs have been fixed in this version. So it will be a good thing for you to update UModeler immediately 🙂

Version 2.9.6 - July.09.2022 - Fixed some buggy behaviours related to vertex/edge/polygon movement. - Added Reset all settings in the menu. - Fixed the aspect ratio issue of UV Editor and Hotspot layer Editor. - Fixed a bug where an edge polygon is created when two edges are connected by pressing SPACE - Fixed a bug where an narrow polygons are created when using Inset tool.

This is a video clip to show the buggy behavior in the former versions.

Hello, everyone.

UModeler Ver 2.9.4 has been released.

We've added a new feature called Subdivide Tool.

With this you can split the selected polygons with one click.

Version 2.9.4 - June.29.2022 - Added the Subdivide tool in Add group. This enables you to subdivide selected polygons. - Fixed an issue regarding the orange outline. - Fixed an issue where the large icons’ size was same as the small icons’ size when the menu window was floating.

Have a nice day with UModeler!