Hello everyone,

Finally UModeler 2.7.25 has been uploaded with Pastel Town Demo Pack.

This Demo Pack contains 40 assets and two scenes. Every object with a mesh has a UModeler component so that you can modify it immediately.

When you download 2.7.25, you can find out PastelTownDemoPack folder under tripolygon/UModeler. There are two files as shown below.

You should choose which package should be unpacked depending on the RP settings of your project. If your project use URP or SRP, you will have to unpack PastelTown-StandardRP and convert materials.

This is a demo video of the Pastel Town.

And of course many improvements have been done in this update thanks to your feedback.

One feature I want to introduce is about erasing an edge shared by two non-coplanar triangles. When you did it the two triangles were removed before, but now it is merged to one quad polygon as shown below.

In addition, several bugs have been fixed and more features have been added. Check them out below.

• Fix : Fixed redundant polygons on the mirror plane in the Mirror mode.

• Fix : Fixed UV Editor bug where a texture in the UV Edior isn’t clear in HDRP

• Fix : Fixed Bevel tool bug where Profile param doesn’t work as Width param is too small.

• Fix : Fixed the icon button layout being broken in the inspector.

• Fix : Fixed the editor pause for a while when switching a tool when UModeler mesh has lots of polygons.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where polygons behind the camera are selected by the rectangle selection.

• Fix : Fixed a stack overflow issue happening at the beginning of UModeler.

• Enhancement : Eraser Tool - Supports removing an edge shared by two triangles which are not coplanar.

• Enhancement : The edge mode of the Bridge Tool - Preserves UVs and Smoothing groups after bridging two edges.

• Enhancement : The polygon mode of the Bridge Tool - Improved bridging the two facing polygons.

• Enhancement : Improved the editable mesh architecture to increase the editing performance.

• Enhancement : Diagnosis tool has been added in Misc group to check if there are invalid polygons.

UModeler has ranked the second in the Unity Asset Store download chart, out of 63,000 assets.

It's topped the list of 57,000 paid assets.

After the Humble Bundle event, it went up one step by one step, and now it's up to this high ranking, beating the eminent assets.

It remains to be seen whether UModeler will be able to be No.1 beating Unity Standard Asset in the end.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Hi All,

I'm so happy to announce that UModeler 2.7.24 has been released because this update is very very special. It includes a demo pack called The Island Village which is 3D assets modeled with UModeler.

The demo pack is made up of two unity pack files. One is for standard render pipeline and another one is for HDRP. Each package has prefab files, texture files, material files and scene files which are part of the pretty level as shown below.

The following video shows the beautiful village on the sea and how every asset is made.

Besides the demo asset pack many bugs of UModeler have been fixed and some useful features have been added.

Let me introduce three key features.

The first one is new Vertex/Edge Connect.

The second one is 3D Cursor improvement. New 3D Cursor window has been added.

The last one is V Snapping improvement.

And there are more changes as listed below.

• Feature : Added Refresh Object Tool in Misc Group to refresh the selected UModeler objects not the whole objects in a scene.

• Enhancement : Moved the entire UV by pressing F key as no UV elements are selected.

• Enhancement : Enabled 3D cursor to be moved in Object Mode.

• Enhancement : Added X button to the Status Window.

• Enhancement : Made it possible to change the pivot position by selecting an element holding SHIFT.

• Fix : Fixed Null Exception Error in Unity 5.6.7 regarding Prefab.

• Fix : Fixed smoothing groups not being preserved after a part of UModeler is detached or combined with others.

I hope you'll have enjoyable 3D modeling life with UModeler.


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