There are 3 changes in this update.

The first one is the integration with Polybrush. The deformed mesh made by Polybrush is synced with UModeler. This isn't perfect yet but works decently well.

The second one is a new toggle called Invisible in Local Settings tool. Sometimes an invisible mesh in play mode for the trigger or collider is needed. With this on the UModeler mesh will not be visible but exists in play mode. This mesh is visible with the transparent material in editor.

The third one is Floating Status Window. The UModeler status was displayed in the inspector before. Now it is listed in a floating window on the scene view. The floating window moves by LMB dragging and the last location is remembered.

Enjoy UModeler!

Updated: Jun 16

UModeler 2.7.17 includes fixes of 3 bugs which occurred occasionally

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when Prefab UModeler object in Project shouldn’t have children objects.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler meshes disappear after returning the edit mode from the play mode.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler meshes disappear due to setting the incorrect bound box to a renderable mesh.

Many annoying bugs which have been reported recently in Discord have been fixed. We don't need many words because the release note below is explaining very well.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where Scene changes happen whenever UModeler object being selected due to latestID in UModeler class increasing.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where mesh id changes even though umodeler doesn’t change when being refreshed all.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where a child object jumps as polygons are added to the parent empty UModeler object by creating a primitive shape like box, cone, stair etc.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where vertex/polygon cube overlays are not displayed in Prefab Mode.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where overlapped edges were not selected as expected in Edge Tool.


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