Hello, everyone.

UModeler 2.8.20 has been released.


UModeler v2.8.20

- Fix : Fixed an issue where multiple vertices weren't removed using Eraser Tool.

- Fix : Fixed an issue where the following error message recurred in Unity 2022.1.


Enjoy UModeler!!

Hello, everyone.

We've released Ver 2.8.19.


- Improvement : Added a new function in the Line Tool to disable cursor magnet(snap) by holding CTRL.

- Fix : Fixed an edge duplication issue happening as using the Duplicate tool.


Enjoy UModeler!

Hello, everyone.

UModeler version 2.8.18 has been released.


- Improvement : Made Loop Selection tool more perfect.

- Fix : Fixed an issue where Mesh Collider component is toggled on and off automatically.