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Hello, everyone.

At last smoothing group information is included when you export UModeler object as .obj using the export tool.

Version 2.9.15 - August.19.2022 - Fixed an issue where the smoothing group isn’t applied when UModeler object is exported as .obj

Hello, everyone.

We've taken care of some issues according to the feedback you gave.

Check out what's changed below.

We're going to come to you shortly again with a few more fixes.

Version 2.9.14 - August.11.2022 - Fixed an issue where the UModeler Lite object wasn't converted to UModeler object using UModelerize - Fixed an issue where the Scene dirty flag was enabled when UModeler object was selected. - Fixed an issue where the polygon selection between UV Editor and Scene view wasn't synced. - Fixed an issue where the Cancel tool in UVEditor to cancel unwrapping didn't work. - Fixed an issue where Auto Smooth property in Sphere and Capsule tools etc didn't work. - Fixed a bug where a box disappeared while it was created due to an error.

We've fixed another bevel tool issue that we didn't take care of in the 2.9.12.

Version 2.9.13 - August.1.2022 - Bevel Tool : Fixed an issue where some polygons disappeared which missed in the previous update when the bevel tool splitted multiple edges in nearly straight more edges. - The new asset called Pixel Farm 3D made with UModeler is included.


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