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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hello Everyone. We're pleased that new demo asset called <Ancient Dungeon> modeled with UModeler in Unity has been released with UModeler 2.8.5. on June 18th.

We used Hotspot texturing reduced time to map texturing on meshes in the Ancient Dungeon. That was really convenient. And we also used light maps to create the dungeon atmosphere effectively. Explore the Ancient Dungeon in the video.

And some minor changes have been done in this update as shown below.

• Assets : Includes new Ancient Dungeon demo pack for 2.8.5 users • Fix : Fixed PushPull tool bug where null exception error happens when a polygon is pushed

until the end.

• Enhancement : Added a shortcut for Select Only Visible in Element Tools. The default one

is SHIFT + V

• Enhancement : Added a shortcut to toggle on and off Triangulation in Settings. The default

one is CTRL + SHIFT + 1

• Enhancement : Added a shortcut to toggle on and off Restrict To Angle in Settings. The

default one is CTRL + SHIFT + X