Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Even though these updates are for hot fixes they contain many fixes and some new features.

What's noticeable in this update is that the following new menu items have been added

Diagnose All UModeler Objects - Finds corrupt and invalid UModeler objects in the scene.

Repair All Corrupt UModeler Objects - Repairs all corrupt UModeler objects in the scene so that any errors won’t happen.

If you want to know more about these two new menus , please check out here.

All changes we made this time are listed below.


• Fix : Fixed Null Reference Exception after being loaded, which caused with the codes added in 2.7.26f6


• Fix : Fixed the Loop Select tool not working on a cap polygon such as a top disk polygon of a cylinder etc.

• Fix : Fixed UVs in UV Editor after UModeler objects are combined using Combine Tool.

• Fix : Fixed incorrect texts in Preference window and Tooltip in the Polygon Color tool.

• Fix : Fixed CTRL and SHIFT key behaviours in UV elements selection. Holding CTRL excludes the existing selection. Holding SHIFT adds the new selections.

• Feature : Added Diagnose All UModeler Objects menu item.

• Feature : Added Repair All Corrupt UModeler Objects menu item.

Hello Everyone.

We're happy to announce that UModeler 2.7.27 has been released in a month. This update includes a new demo package called LOST TEMPLE which was created with the motif of Maya ruins.

In the next video you can see how the world of the Lost Temple was created and how player wanders around the level.

In addition to the demo pack this update contains bug fixes, some improvements and new features as shown below.

• Feature : Space Horizontally and Space Vertically tools have been added in the Quick Transform group in UV Editor.

Space Horizontally Tool : Vertex Mode
Space Horizontally Tool : Edge Mode

• Feature : Bake as .Prefab has been added. It makes .prefab file after removing UModeler component.

• Enhancement : Export Unit has been added in Export Tool. mm and cm as well ass m are supported.

• Enhancement : Export Face Type has been added in Export Tool. Quads and Polygons as well as Triangles are supported.

New : Export Unity, Export Face Type and Bake as .Prefab

• Fix : Fixed Rotation value in Transform component not being able to have below 0 and above 360.

• Fix : Fixed the abnormally big vertex indicators in the Prefab view.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where UModeler toolbar location is to one side not the center of top of the scene view in the Isolation Mode.

This is a teaser poster.