Now UModeler 2.7.2 is out

Hello everyone,

UModeler 2.7.2 is available. This update also includes very useful changes as described below.

Auto Layout function has been enhanced so that it will be very beneficial for unwrapping. Unwrapped UVs are resized to be fitted in an adjacent unwrapped polygon. If it doesn't have a unwrapped adjacent polygon, it'll be fitted into the UV Editor view size.

3D Cursor and Settings buttons have their own shortcuts. If you frequently use 3D cursor or change snap settings, this will make your modeling easier by 15%. Of course the shortcuts can be reset in UModeler Preference.

The commentary box color issue which happened on Unity 2019.3 has been fixed. Rotation and Scale gizmos' position bug when 3D cursor is enabled is also fixed in this update. Lastly UModeler now prevents unwrapped UVs being manipulated using UV tool because unwrapped UVs should be edited only with UV Editor.

Changelist is as below.

  • Fix : Fixed issues in font, size and position of Commentary box on Unity 2019.3

  • Fix : Added shortcuts of 3D cursor(SHIFT+A) and Settings(SHIFT+W).

  • Fix : Fixed a pivot of rotation and scale gizmos when 3D cursor is enabled.

  • Fix : Made unwrapped polygons’ uvs not transformed in UV Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed an auto layout issue where a polygon is unwrapped with the same density as the adjacent one which has been already unwrapped.

  • Fix : Fixed an auto layout issue where the first unwrapped polygon is too big. Now it is re-scaled so that it is fit in the UV Editor view size.

Enjoy UModeler!

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