[Release] UModeler 2.2.2

Unity Asset Store has approved the 2.2.2 build very quickly so now it's on the asset store. You can try it out at this moment.

Ver 2.2.2 includes some important enhancements and bug fixes as well as the Spiral Stair tool which were introduced in the former post.

Added the Spiral Stair Tool

The Spiral Stair tool allows you to create a winding stair in a direction of the selected face like the other existing primitive shape tools along with the various properties.

Line Tool - Fixed Disappearance of a part of a line drawn across a polygon

When a line was drawn overlapping a polygon more than twice, a part of it disappeared. This has been resolved this time. Therefore you can cut out a polygon with the line tool as more intended than before.

Enabled the text based menu to be displayed on the separate menu window like Icon based Menu.

The text based menu was only available in the inspector. Now it can be displayed on the menu window with the popup menu brought up by RMB click.

Apart from the changes described above there are a couple of enhancements more which will make your UModeler lives easier.

  • Fix -The raw mesh generated from UModeler disappeared while the camera was near it due to not calculating the bound box.

  • Enhancement - Reduced the flickering of outlines of the UModeler shape.

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