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[Release] UModeler 2.2.3 & : One-Click Build

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Hello everyone.

I've got some news on the new release which includes one main update and one minor update because a couple of bugs was found after 2.2.3 submission. Let me share all of the changes.

One-Click Build

This update includes a very cool feature called "One-Click Build". It allows you to build a primitive shape with one-click so that you won't need to do a series of steps like dragging and moving a mouse to create a box, cylinder and stair etc.

Then, where is the "One-Click Build" button? It is under the properties of every primitive shape tool and some drawing tools like Rectangle and Disk. As soon as you click on the button, a shape which the current tool would make will be created in front of the camera immediately depending on the present properties such as width, height, depth, radius and segments etc. After a shape is created with one-click you can give the shape changes by adjusting the properties until it is confirmed by clicking the "Confirm" button, pressing SPACE or starting a next action. Or the shape can be canceled by hitting the "Cancel" button or pressing ESC.

The New UModeler Object Button in the Scene view

The New UModeler Object tool's buttons exist on both the menu and the toolbar in the scene view from Ver 2.2.3

The New UModeler Object tool is usually used very often because with one-click on the button a new game object with an empty UModeler component is created so that you could add a new shape quickly to your level. Thus it has been decided that the New UModeler Object tool's button has been added to the top of the scene view in order to make it ease to add new UModeler object.

Confirm and Cancel buttons

With SPACE and ESC keys you can confirm and cancel the action you've done. For example when you drag the mouse to push or pull a polygon and release it to finish it you can confirm it by pressing SPACE or cancel it by pressing ESC. But it may be hard to know when pressing SPACE or ESC will work because there is no sign. Now this issue has been resolved. Confirm and Cancel buttons show up only when they are necessary. You can click on the buttons or pressing SPACE or ESC to confirm or cancel the action.

Placing the 3D Cursor to the center of a polygon.

With 3D Cursor toggle on, CTRL+SHIFT+LMB usually moves the 3D cursor to a vertex under the mouse cursor. This update allows the 3D cursor to move to the center of a polygon quickly when you click on a polygon holding CTRL+SHIFT.

Of course this update also contains some bug fixes as follows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reverting the changes for which have been wait to be confirmed just before pressing Play button.

  • Fixed leaving the selection vertex and polygon boxes after deleting the UModeler object.

  • Enabled z-test of the transparent selection polygons displayed on the selected polygons, and resolved z-fighting issue.

  • Fixed leaving Vertex/polygon selection blue boxes even after deleting the UModeler object. (Ver

  • Fixed not displaying “Confirm” and “Cancel” button after doing an action for creating primitive shapes due to not repainting the area of the properties. (Ver

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