[Release] UModeler 2.4

Hello guys,

Finally UModeler 2.4 has been released.

Some users reported that a UModeler object under a parent prefab object was invisible after the parent was placed in the scene until the child UModeler was clicked on in the hierarchy.

Finally this has been fixed in this update.

And now you can convert a mesh in the MeshFilter by just adding UModeler component in the inspector. This converting used to be possible only by clicking on UModelerize item in the top menu.

Besides some other bugs have been fixed and a couple of enhancements have been done. See the following list.

  • Enhancement : Kept Toolbar visible while the text menu is enabled.

  • Enhancement : Stored the menu type in the registry whenever it is changed between text based and icon based

  • BugFix : Fixed not bringing a mesh in MeshFilter to UModeler when UModeler component is added to a game object with MeshFilter component.

  • BugFix : Gizmo scaling issue occurring when a couple of scene views are opened.

  • BugFix : Discarded .asset export in Export tool because it can be replaced with .prefab export.

  • BugFix : Invisible UModeler object with a parent prefab after its parent prefab is placed on the scene.

In January I'm focusing on renewing the online manual and tutorials so the next update is going to be done in February.

Hoping to have a great time with UModeler.


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