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[Release] UModeler 2.5

UModeler 2.5 is live!

This is a massive release. We've made big changes in a short time. Especially the tools in Surface group have far more enhanced UIs than before. And more impreovements like Preselection highlight, UV Editor shortcuts, Auto Layout etc are awaiting you to make modeling and UV Mapping faster and more convenient.

The major changes are as follows.

Material Tool

Several buttons are added to each material slot so that you can select polygons, assign a material and remove a slot with less clicks.

And you can assign a material to a whole object at once by just one clicking on Apply to the Whole button.

UV Tool

Direct Move/Rotate/Scale of UVs are possible on the scene view. They are done by using Move/Rotate/Scale tool as Unity does.

They are switched among them by pressing W,E,R keys on keyboard , selecting one of toolbars at the top of Unity or UV tool's property window.

Vertex Color Tool & Polygon Color Tool

The Color Palette has been added. This palette is stored in the registry so it can be used globally. And it makes it easier to paint vertices/polygons.

Smoothing Group Tool

Like the Material tool several buttons are added to each slot so that you can manage smoothing groups with ease.

And a slider bar adjusting an angle for Auto Smooth are added so that you can change the angle without using a keyboard.

Preselection Highlight

When you put the mouse cursor near a vertex/edge/polygon, the element will be highlighted. So it makes you see what element will be selected when you press LMB.

Enhanced Shortcut system

You can use shortcuts only in the scene view. But now they are available in the UV Editor as well. And you can assign a shortcut to each tool of both Modeling and UV Editor in UModeler section in Preference window. Furthermore all tools were displayed in the list at once so it was difficult to find a tool but in this version you can find a tool which you want easier because categorizing tools as group are implemented.

Improvement of Loop Slice Tool

Loop Slice Tool worked for only quad polygons but now it also works for triangle polygons so that you can slice a cone.

In addition stack overflow error was fixed.

Auto Layout

This version has Auto Layout feature which makes unwrapping polygons a breeze. Previously you had to go through the following steps.

1. Selects polygons

2. Navigates to a unwrap tool in UV Editor

3. Sets properties for unwrapping.

4. Runs a unwrap.

5. If necessary, you needed to stitch a polygon onto an other polygon using Sew or MoveSew tool.

Now LMB Double Click will do all of these at once. This will certainly save lots of your time.

This update has more changes than things described above. If you want to know, visit the release note

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