[Release] UModeler 2.6

UModeler 2.6 has been available since a few days earlier. This update focuses on improving things which make it inconvenient to use UModeler rather than adding new features. Now we'll take a look at what changes have been made in UModeler 2.6 below briefly

  • Added two buttons to MeshFilter component inspector to have the mesh saved as .asset file to let you deal with missing a mesh in MeshFilter component.

  • Added [Don't save in build] toggle to [Local Settings] tool to make you decide if UModeler component is included or not in build. [Don't save in build] is on by default because a mesh made with UModeler is usually for rendering at runtime. But if you want to modify a mesh at runtime using UModeler component, you have to keep this off.

  • Renewed the Preference window. You can navigate to the window through [Tools > UModeler > Preferences].

  • UModeler root folder can be anywhere and the name can be anything. Icons used to be broken and UModeler didn't work before 2.6 when you moved the UModeler folder or renamed it. From 2.6 you don't care about it because UModeler detects the root folder and the name automatically.

UModeler 2.6 release note

Asset Store - UModeler 2.6

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