[Release] UModeler 2.2.1

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

This update focuses on fixing bugs which might have bothered you a lot. For example The Line tool is one of the most used tool in UModeler to cut or draw a polygon but it had some serious bugs like not cutting a polygon occasionally or creating a broken polygon when it was drawn by connecting with the first point. And UModelerization failed due to a null reference error. Moreover it was not possible to add new selections by dragging LMB holding CTRL in Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools. Now all of them have been fixed. The changes of this update are listed below.

  • BugFix : Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools - Adding multiple selections by dragging LMB

  • BugFix : Line Tool - Cutting a polygon by a new edge between another existing two edges.

  • BugFix : Line Tool - Wrong shape of polygon when connecting the last point to the first point.

  • BugFix : UModelerize - Fixed UModelerization failure.

  • BugFix : Remove Doubles - Immediate update of blue vertex boxes for selection.

  • BugFix : UI of the inspector - Fixed blocking key inputs in a parameter editor box.

  • Change : Adding the popup menu for selecting menu mode in both the UV Editor and the inspector window.

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