UModeler 2.6.10 is available.

UModeler 2.6.9 and 2.6.10 have been released one after the other. These updates were triggered by feedback from a few users about broken lightmaps in play mode and disappearing mesh with smoothing group in play mode. I thought they were serious so decided to update UModeler for the hotfixes. Apart from them there are more improvements in these updates. Check them out below or here.

Version 2.6.10

Hotfix : Fix bug where lightmaps are broken in play mode.

Hotfix : Fix bug where the gizmo disappear when getting back to edit mode from play mode.

Enhancement : Enhanced Tools > UModeler > Refresh All to fix invisible mesh and generate secondary uvs etc.

Change : Changed Generate Lightmap UVs to Lightmap Static and added Generate UV2 channel for Lightmap button to Local Settings tool

Version 2.6.9

Hotfix : Fixed bug of primitive shape group tools and pushpull tool where pushing or pulling a face sometimes causes unexpected sudden move when the mouse cursor points at somewhere in the background.

Hotfix : Enables 3D cursor to be displayed in object mode.

Hotfix : Fix bug where UModeler meshes with smoothing groups disappears in play mode

Enhancement : Added Top Center, Center and Bottom Center buttons to Pivot To Center tool.

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