UModeler 2.6.18 Release.

UModeler 2.6.18 has been released. Lots of bugs have been fixed and Cut Tool has been improved. Now it works well in orthogonal view as well as perspective view.

What is more Refresh All shortcut has been assigned as Ctrl+Shift+E by default.

Refreah All shortcut can be set in Preference.

And more changes are awaiting you as blow.

- Fix : [Cut Tool] Fixed incorrect cutting in orthogonal view.

- Fix : [Cut Tool] Fixed not selecting the above polygons after cutting when Select Above is on.`

- Enhancement : [Cut Tool] Cutting line has been changed for only an edge between starting pos and ending pos to be rendered.

- Enhancement : Added a shortcut for refresh All(Ctrl+Shift+E by default)

- Fix : Fixed failing to find ExportToPNG method when exporting UV outline in Export Tool in UV Editor.

- Fix : Fixed displaying warning messages about using prefab obsolete APIs.

- Fix : Fixed warning message about obsolete PreferenceIItem and Removed UModeler item in Unity Preference.

- Fix : Fixed setting the parent of a transform which resides in a Prefab Asset.

- Fix : Fixed the different MeshRenderer inspector UI layout when UModeler is installed.

- Fix : Fixed parsing errors of grid snap size and rotation snap size in UV Editor settings.

- Fix : Default prefab and obj file names in export won't have spaces anymore.

- Fix : Fixed a long lag issue when saving a level.

- Fix : Fixed not displaying icon menus in the inspector after loading a scene.

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