UModeler 2.7.0 - The first update in 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Hello everyone,

The first update in 2020 is available. Recently I've got some feedback from Discord, E-mail and Unity forum so I've tried to improve UModeler based on them in this update. Sometimes I was excited because I was able to see what they were working while they explained about UModeler issues and the artworks made by them with UModeler looked great. I'm very happy to be able to help them out.

• Fix : Fixed InvalidCastException in TPUModelerEditor.BaseTool.Properties[T]

• Fix : Fixed bug where a material assigned by dragging gets back to the previous one when entering play mode.

• Fix : Fixed bug where .obj file exported from UModeler has floating number with commas for separating decimals in Russian locale.

• Enhancement : Enabled Grid snap to be done along each X, Y, Z.

• Enhancement : Improved Autolayout so that the current double-clicked polygon can be stitched next to the just previous selected polygon.