UModeler 2.7.1 is available.

UModeler 2.7.1 has been released. Many changes have been made in this update. Especially I've focused on Snap and Prefab parts.

Increment Snap has been added to Snap Mode so that you could move positions using gizmos just by a snap size.


And many prefab bugs which have annoyed you have been fixed.

In addition Mesh Collider is kept up to date every time changes happen to UModeler mesh. This will resolve issues related to the raycast.

And there are much more. Check them out in the following change list.

• Enhancement : Allowed minus thickness of Room tool

• Enhancement : Allowed Flip Tool in Object mode, which enables flipping all • polygons at once.

• Enhancement : Added Increment Snap. Now None, World Grid Snap and Increment Snap are available.

• Fix : Fixed an issue that a Prefab icon in the project window would change quickly

• Fix : Fixed an issue regarding editing UModeler in Prefab mode

• Fix : UV reset bug when vertex/edge/polygons being transformed by adding [Reset UVs] property.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler prefab instance would disappear when a prefab is placed in a level by dragging.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where child UModeler objects would get invisible invisible when its parent prefab is instanced.

• Fix : Made a mesh collider up to date whenever UModeler mesh changes.

• Fix : Fixed an issue related to upside down material UVs.

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