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UModeler 2.7.12 is downloadable now.

The settings window has been used very frequently to set up the snapping. So in this update we've focused on enhancing the usability of Settings window and a way of setting up the snap as listed below.

Customizable Move Snap Size List
Dockable Settings Window.
Customizable Rotation Snap Size List
Customizable Snap Size List is implemented in UV Editor as well.

And we have also made some other useful changes.

You are able to set a default material that you wish in the Preference window.

And Floor Height property in Primitive shape tools like Box, Cylinder, Stair etc has been added so that you could build such shapes at a specific height by dragging the mouse.

All changes in this update are listed below.

  • Feature : Enabled the Settings popup window to be a dockable window

  • Feature : Custom grid snap size and rotation snap size have been supported.

  • Feature : New UI for managing custom grid and rotation snap size has been added to both the Settings and the UV Editor Settings.

  • Feature : Generate UVs property in Element tools has been added instead of Reset UVs property because resetting UVs isn’t right behaviour.

  • Feature : Added Floor Height property in tools of Drawing group and Primitive Shapes group.

  • Feature : Added Default Material in the Preference so that users can set a default material that they wish to use.

  • Improvement : Changed the snap type combox box to a grid UI.

  • Improvement : Snap To Vertex property in Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools has been removed. It has been replaced to V Snapping.

  • Improvement : Reset UVs property in Element tools has been removed.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler objects get shifted when all of them are selected while World Grid Snap is enabled.

  • Fix : Fixed a coupling issue between Default UV Param in Preference and UV param in UV tool.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where a rather wide UModeler mesh sometimes disappears depending on where the camera is viewing.


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