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UModeler 2.7.26 with NEON CITY Demo Pack.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hello everyone,

We're very happy to announce that UModeler 2.7.26 with NEON CITY Demo Pack has been released.

This Neon City Pack is a very cool asset that contains cyberpunk-style futuristic city scenes and all the assets used in them. This Demo Pack is available only in UModeler 2.7.26 for free.

Apart from it this update includes many enhancements, a new feature and some bug fixes.

The Key changes are introduced below.

1. Pinch property has been added in LoopSlice Tool as shown below. The larger the pinch value, the wider the gap between loops.

2. Now Multiple UModeler objects can be exported to one .obj file using the Export Tool

3. The Rect gizmo in UV Editor enables you to scale the selected elements keeping the initial ratio of the width and height.

4. Implemented the Mirror Object Tool.

All of changes of 2.7.16 are as follows.

  • Assets : Includes the NEON CITY demo pack.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where UV2 for lightmap wasn’t generated due to the invalid default UV2 param in Preference.

  • Fix : Fixed unwarpped UV disappearing, after being mirrored using the Mirror Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed unwrapped UV disappearing, after Remove Doubles being applied and Undoing or Duplication by Ctrl+D

  • Enhancement : Export Tool - Supports exporting Multiple UModeler Objects to one .obj file.

  • Enhancement : Supports the Byte Stream to reduce the .unity file size and file diff, and improves the performance to loading/saving a level and switching between Play and Edit mode

  • Enhancement : Eraser Tool - Vertex deletion connects two adjacent vertices. It removed the polygon which contains the vertex before.

  • Enhancement : The Rect Gizmo in the UV Editor supports the proportionate scaling holding SHIFT.

  • Feature : Added Mirror Object Tool which duplicates and mirrors the selected UModeler Object.

And here is the overview video of the Neon City!

Enjoy UModeler!!

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