UModeler 2.7.3

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Hello everyone. UModeler 2.7.3 is available.

From this version UModeler will start to collect your usability data which will be used to enhance UModeler in smarter ways. Of course this will never collect any personal data like email and account info etc. So don't worry about it. And this won't drop your pc performance because the usability data will be sent only when you enter or leave each UModeler tool.

In addition to it focusing on the selected elements by pressing 'F' has been added to UV Editor. And Selecting edges in a small UModeler mesh works well now.

There are more updates described as below. Please check them out.

  • Feature : Added a module to collect usability data using Google analyst.

  • Feature : Added focusing on selected elements pressing ‘F’ in UV Editor

  • Fix : Fix an issue where UV Editor camera isn’t located at the center of the view, which causes unwrapped polygons with autolayout being out of the center of the view.

  • Fix : Fix a bug where edges in too small UModeler mesh aren’t selected correctly.

  • Fix : Fix an issue where the Settings window is occluded by the global axis when the scene view is too narrow.

  • Fix : Allowed minus scale values in UV Tool so that up-side down UVs can be reset by pressing Reset UVs button.

Enjoy UModeler!

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