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UModeler 2.7.5 has been released.

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that [Select Only Visible] property capability has been improved so that you will be able to skip back faced polygons in selection with the property enabled. Moreover the property is available in 18 tools in addition to Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools. Check it out below.

And a new icon button for Refresh All has been added to the toolbar in the scene view so you don't need to move the mouse and clicks a button several times for refresh all.

And more changes are included in this update. Check them out here.

  • Feature : Added Auto layout tool to UV Editor to enable multiple selected polygons to be unwrap using Auto layout at once.

  • Enhancement : Added "Select Only Visible" property to the 18 following tools. - Drawing Group - Line, Arc, Rectangle, Disk, Side Stair, Parallel - Primitive Shapes Group - Box, Room, Stair, Cylinder, Cone, Spiral Stair, Sphere, Capsule - Add Group : PushPull, Inset, Clone - Remove Group : Eraser

  • Enhancement : Now while "Select Only Visible" property is on, backfaced polygons can't be selected.

  • Enhancement : Refresh All button has been exposed in the toolbar.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where Unity gizmo disappeared when 3D cursor button is clicked.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where two cube cursors were displayed in Cylinder, Cone and Capsule Tools

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where children objects were moved when the parent UModeler object pivot was changed.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where Polygon tool was forced to be selected after Settings icons were toggled.

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