UModeler 2.7.6 has been released.

Hello everyone.

I'm happy to announce that some annoying bugs like mesh disappearing after deleting/undoing etc have been fixed in 2.7.6. I'm sure these changes as described below will make your work much more effective.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where object highlight is invisible after UModeler component is removed.

  • Fix : Fixed UModeler mesh disappearing when multiple UModeler objects are deleted and undone and one of them are selected.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where the created UModeler object by redoing wasn’t selected so more redoing didn’t work.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where a mesh isn’t rendered when a UModeler component is added to the empty game object and create some primitive shapes.

  • Fix : Fixed duplicated shortcut issues of Settings and 3D cursor tools. Settings - Shift+Ctrl+Z and 3D cursor - Shift+X

  • Improvement : Warning message is displayed when Rotate and Scale gizmo are invisible because the 3D cursor is away from the current camera view.