UModeler 2.7.9 is available.

We're glad to announce that UModeler 2.7.9 has been released. This update includes some bug fixes and improvements as ever as described below.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy UModeler more than before with this version!

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where duplicated UModeler objects shared meshes

  • Fix : Fixed a material issue where new assigned materials of UModeler prefab objects returned to the default ones.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler mesh disappeared when it is selected after Lightmap Static in Local Settings is toggled on/off with multiple selected UModeler objects.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where X axis corresponded with Depth param and Y axis corresponded with Width param in Rectangle, Box, Room and Stair tools.

  • Enhancement : Exposed an icon for UModelerizing on the toolbar in the scene view only when non-umodeler objects with mesh filters are selected.

  • Enhancement : Added UModelerlize item to the GameObject menu and the popup menu in the hierarchy window.

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