UModeler 2.8.10 has been released

Hello, everyone.

And we've released UModeler 2.8.10 with the MOONGLOW VILLAGE Demo package.

This demo package will be provided only for this New Year sale so don't miss out on updating your UModeler.


Version 2.8.10- December.13.2021.


• Asset : Includes the Moonglow Village Demo Package for 2.8.10 users.

• Fix : Fixed an issue of Flatten tool where unnecessary Edit mode was enabled.

• Fix : Fixed a null exception error occurring as UV unwrapping tools like Plane, Cube etc are executed when no object is selected.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where Shift+LMB clicking the UV Editor that is already selected didn't work to open in its documentation page.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where a highlighted edge was obscured.

• Fix : Fixed the Seamless Edit mode issue where Closed UModeler object and disabled UModeler object were selected.

• Fix : Fixed a crash issue which occurred as being undone after being cut using the Cut tool. • Fix : Fixed a smart snap issue where the cursor wasn't snapped well to the closest a vertex or an edge in a large UModeler object.

• Tweak : Added a new toggle in the Preference window called Disable popping up the About window to disable opening up the About window as UModeler is updated.

• Tweak : Changed Angle property name to Angle Along Y Axis in the Mirror tool.

• Enhancement : Added a new feature to select another UModeler object by LMB holding CTRL+Shift in Edit mode.

• Enhancement : Added a new button called Select by Selected Polygons to select a smoothing group which includes the selected polygon.

• Enhancement : Added a new button named Cancel in Mirror tool to revert changes that are made in Mirror mode.

• Enhancement : Added a new button named Auto Smoothing in Cylinder, Cone, Spiral Stair, Sphere and Capsule tools to create smoothed surfaces.


And check out the new demo video of the Moonglow Village.

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