UModeler 2.8.4f1 has been released!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We've released UModeler 2.8.4f1 for hotfixes.

A few bugs users reported recently have been fixed in this update. And we've made a new tutorial video to show you how to make a building with inside as well as outside.

We hope you'll like it. Enjoy UModeler!

● UModeler 2.8.4f1 changelist.

- Assets : Includes [Blacksmith] demo pack.

- Enhancement : A function to select overlapping polygons has been added to the Diagnosis Tool.

- Fix : Fixed a bug where vertices/edges/polygons aren't selected in the Isolated mode (Shift

+ H).

- Fix : Fixed a bug where UVs move suddenly when a vertex moves. The UVs are

transformed in UV tool.

- Fix : Fixed a bug that caused the scene's pull-down menu to close immediately when the

UV editor is on.

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