UModeler 2.8.7 has been released

Hello @everyone.

UModeler 2.8.7 has been released along with a new package called Medieval Weapon Set : Sword and Shield.

Total weapons number in the pack is 35 and I think the quality of each one is very nice.

A demo video below showcases how some of them are equipped and used by the Hamster Knight.

And two bug fixes are included in this update as well.

Asset : Includes the Medieval Weapons - Swords and Shields Pack for 2.8.7 users.

Asset : Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.7 users

Fix : Fixed a bug where the default thickness value was -0.01 in Room tool

Fix : Fixed a bug where Status window and Cursor window aren’t visible in Unity 2021.2.

The windows have changed to Unity editor windows.

Then enjoy modeling your world with UModeler as ever!!

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