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UModeler 2.8.7f2 has been released

We've released a new hotfix update.

Recently a professional tester tested UModeler very intensively.

As a result we're very pleased that we managed to take care of lots of issues for a short time.

We hope you'll love this update. Have fun with UModeler.


• Asset : Includes the Medieval Weapons - Swords and Shields Pack for 2.8.7 users.

• Asset : Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.7 users

• Fix : Fixed a bug where Invisible in Playmode in Local Settings tool toggle removes any secondary materials from the object and causes Submesh Index Out of Bounds errors.

• Fix : Fixed a Material Tool issue where it is possible to remove all material slots, which then throws ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions and breaks the Inspector window if the GameObject is de-selected and re-selected

• Fix : Fixed an issue where the gizmos’ size of UV Editor is too large and not adapative according to the UV editor size.

• Fix : Fixed a stack overflow issue where a mesh object is umodelerized using UModelerize Hierarchically.

• Fix : Fixed an issue where Shift was displayed in view commentary in Extrusion mode even when the extrude modifier key changed to Caps Lock in the Preference.

• Fix : Fixed a Multi-PushPull Tool bug where Selecting One Step Pull without an active polygon selected throws NullReferenceExceptions • Fix : Fixed a Mirror Object Tool bug where MissingReferenceExceptions are thrown when repainting the scene view(moving the mouse around) after undoing a Mirror Object action

• Fix : Fixed a Clone Tool bug where Dragging on a polygon with the left mouse button only slightly and then clicking on an empty space in the Scene view throws an unhandled NullReferenceException

• Fix : Fixed a Clip Tool bug where Unhandled NullReferenceException in certain scenarios

• Fix : Fixed a Polygon Group Tool bug where Remove Polygons button without a polygon selected throws a NullReferenceException

• Fix : Fixed a bug where Shift+LMB on the selected menu button doesn’t work to bringing up a online manual.

• Fix : Fixed a Grow Select Tool bug of UV editor where Unhandled NullReferenceException is thrown when attempting to grow selection on a single face in the UV Editor

• Fix : Fixed a Export Tool bug of UV Editor where warnings about releasing render texture that is set to be are thrown upon exporting

• Fix : Fixed shortcut crash of Arc Tool and Duplicate Tool - Arc Tool shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+Q. Duplicate Tool shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+D.

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