UModeler 2.8.8f6 has been released

Hello, everyone.

We released UModeler 2.8.8f6 after fixing some issues and enhancing the existing functions based on your feedback.

I hope you'll love them.

Enjoy UModeler!

Here is the change list.


● Includes the Medieval Weapons Package

- Bow and Magic wands plus Swords and Shields for 2.8.8 users.

● Includes Hamster Knight character pack for 2.8.8 users

● Fixed a bug where the Scale gizmo axis isn’t aligned with the Object’s rotation.

● Added ‘’Auto Smoothing’’ property in Bevel Tool

● Added a hotkey to toggle on and off UV Editor. Ctrl + Shift + U.

● Added a hotkey to toggle on and off floating the Menu and Property Windows.

Ctrl + Shift + 8.

● Added a hotkey for Auto Smooth. Ctrl + Shift + 6.

● Added a hotkey for Remove All in Smoothing Group Tool. Ctrl + Shift + 9.

● Added a snapping function to snap the straight cut plane straightly in Cut Tool.

● Added a new function to separate an half part to another game object in Cut Tool.

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