UModeler Update - 2.6.16

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

UModeler 2.6.16 is available. The details of these changes are as below.

Hotfix : Broken lightmap issues when opening a scene or entering play mode

Hotfix : Fix bug where multiple UModeler objects aren’t combined using Combine tool as expected.

Hotfix : Fix bug where UModelerlizie doesn’t work just after UModeler package is loaded.

Hotfix : Removed “Builds a mesh in Start()” from Local Settings and got rid of calling Build() method in Start() method.

Enhancement : Keeps the system menu(New UModeler, Settings and 3D cursor icons) visible on the scene view even when no UModeler objects aren’t selected.

Thank you BitUp for testing 2.6.16 before the releasing.

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