UModeler v2.9.1 has been released.

Hello, everyone.

We've released UModeler 2.9.1.

I hope this update will help your work.

And we're going to try to update more frequently.


UModeler v2.9.1

UV Editor : Fixed the Setting window issue of the UV Editor where the bottom item wasn’t visible wholly.

Boolean Tool : Fixed an Boolean tool error occuring when two meshes with lots of polygons are operated using the Boolean operation.

Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools : Fixed an issue regarding Generate UVs property in Element tools.

Polygon Tool : Fixed a bug where Snap to Polygon doesn’t work when a polygon gets close to another polygon.

Capsule Tool : Fixed an issue where Auto Smoothing property didn’t work in the Capsule tool.

Hotspot Texturing : Fixed an issue of Hotspot texturing to make Scale property work better for a tripolygon.

Stair Tool : Replaced Wide Step and Reverse properties with Rotate by 90° button.