UModeler v2.9.10 has been released.

Updated: Jul 28

UModeler 2.9.10 has been released!

Finally we managed to improve editing and UModelerizing performance a lot and change the way of drawing edges so that it won't be affected by the postprocess.

Anyway you can check out these changes in the video below.

Version 2.9.10 - July.25.2022 - Improved the performance of UModelerize by about 40 times so that any meshes even with smoothing groups can be converted to UModeler mesh immediately. - Improved the way of drawing wireframe to increase the drawing speed and not to be affected by the postprocess. - Improved the performance of mesh editing so that at leat the meses in the synty studio’s asset packages can be edited comfortably.
Version 2.9.10-1 - July.26.2022 - Fixed the Detach Tool issue where a detached polygon disappeared. - Fixed the Arc tool issue where a closed polygon creation was failed.

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