UModeler v2.9.11 has been released.

The summer sale has get started. UModeler is 40% off during this sale.

Don't miss this opportunity.

And we've released UModeler 2.9.11 with the new 3d asset package called Pixel Farm 3D.

This asset is going to be provided only for this sale period.

Version 2.9.11 - July.27.2022 - The new asset called Pixel Farm 3D made with UModeler is included. - Fixed the Boolean tool issue where the resulting object disappeared. And we recorded a demo video of the Pixel Farm 3D.

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Hello, everyone. We've taken care of some issues according to the feedback you gave. Check out what's changed below. We're going to come to you shortly again with a few more fixes. Version 2.9.14 - Au