UModeler 2.8.4.f4 & f5 is out!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We have updated UModeler twice in a short time for users' convenience.

In the update of 2.8.4.f4, we fixed some annoying and frequent bugs regarding the edge selection and some lag happening when a UModeler object is selected in the Play mode.

Here is the change list of 2.8.4.f4

• Assets : Includes Blacksmith demo pack.

• Fix : Fixed the edge selection bug where edges can’t be selected.

• Fix : Fixed a bug in Unity 2021.1 where orange highlight wasn’t turned off when entering the edit mode.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where occluded vertices/edges were selected as Select Only Visible was enabled.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where long delay happened in play mode when a UModeler object is selected due to processing menu icons.

• Enhancement : Added Remove All button in the Smoothing Group Tool

The update of 2.8.4.f5 includes some new features regarding the selection so I'm sure that you'll like it.

• Assets : Includes Blacksmith demo pack.

• Feature : Shrink Selection Tool has been added - Shrink Selection Tool


• Feature : Added some properties like Restrict To Angle, Max Angle and Interative

in Settings window for Grow Select


• Enhancement : Added Triangulation color field in the Preference.

• Tweak : Renamed Increase Selection tool to Grow Selection Tool

• Fix : Fixed the edge selection bug again.

• Fix : Fixed a bug where a polygon becomes black when Vertex snap holding V

key is applied.

Grow Selection where [Restrict To Angle] is applied

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