[V] Snapping has been added in UModeler 2.7.10

UModeler 2.7.10 includes only one feature which is very powerful. It is V Snapping.

You may often being using V Snap in Unity by taking any vertex in a given mesh and placing that vertex in the same position as any vertex from any other mesh.

Now you can do it in UModeler 2.7.10. But it's slightly different . In UModeler V snapping behaves from the selected vertices/edges/polygons. This V snapping works within self UModeler, with other UModeler object and with even non-UModeler object.

You can check them out below.

V Snapping within the self UModeler object.
V Snapping working with any other UModeler object.
V Snapping with any other non-UModeler mesh.

Follow the steps below to use V snapping.

1. Select any vertices/edges/polygons and make sure the Move tool is active.

2. Press and hold the V key to activate the V Snapping mode. You can see the rectangle handler on a pivot position of the selected elements.

3. Move your cursor over the rectangle handler.

4. Hold down the left mouse button once your cursor is over the rectangle handler and drag your selected elements next to any other vertex on any mesh's vertex including self's one. V snapping with Shift + Ctrl allows the selected elements to be detached.

5. Release the mouse button.

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