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What's new in 2.7.15.

One of the most annoying bugs usually happened when UModeler was used as a prefab. The changes made in an instance of UModeler prefab had to be propagated to other instances when Apply All button is pressed or the prefab archetype is edited in Prefab Mode. Unfortunately UModeler didn't work fine in these cases until 2.7.14.

However from 2.7.15 UModeler's prefab behavior has gotten more reliable! There are a precondition for UModeler prefab to work - It is that UModeler's action should be confirmed. For example, when you push or pull a polygon, "Confirm" and "Cancel" button shows up. If you got out of the Prefab mode or pressed "Apply All" button in Overrides at the top of the inspector windows with the Confirm button not being clicked, the changes made with the PushPull tool wouldn't be applied.

I'm very glad to announce this news. This issue should have been resolved very earlier because many users usually have wanted to use UModeler as a prefab but prefab issues are regarded as one of the trickiest to be handled.

Propagating changes of UModeler instance works quite well.
Supporting the Prefab Mode.

And you can display multiple textures in the UV Editor to help you to use space more intuitively.

Grid Texture in UV Editor

Here are changes we made in UModeler 2.7.15.

  • Improvement : Made the prefab with UModeler more reliable. Propagating changes of an UModeler prefab instance works in most cases.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UI layout is messed up in Material Tool when undoing a material slot being added.

  • Change : Added a shortcut to move 3D cursor to the selected elements’ pivot. The default one is Ctrl + Shift + 3.

  • Change : Enabled textures to be display repeatedly in UV Editor. Tex X Num and Tex Y Num params has been added in UV Editor settings window.

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