What's new in UModeler 2.7.14

A feature of focusing on the selected elements by F key has been added in this update.

Focus feature by F key.

Sometimes you may feel like knowing the precise position value to place something there. With 2.7.14 you can see the position info of the selected elements and get it in the console window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O as shown below.

Display of Vertex Position info.

Move Cursor button has been added to the properties of Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools so that you could move 3D cursor to the pivot of the selection with this button.

Move Cursor Button

The selected elements' pivot was always the center of them in UV Editor before 2.7.14. But like Modeling tool UV editor also has a toggle button to switch pivot type between Pivot and Center at the top of the UV editor view.

I hope you'll enjoy 3D modeling in Unity with UModeler 2.7.14 more than before.

All changes in this version are listed below.

  • Feature : Added Pivot and Center toggle for the pivot settings in UV Editor

  • Feature : Added focusing on the selected elements by pressing F

  • Feature : Added vertex position overlay display in Settings.

  • Feature : Added a new button called Move Cursor to move the 3D cursor to the selected elements pivot position.

  • Fix : Added the scroll bar to the Preference window.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue of too small or big gizmo size according to Camera FOV

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the mirror plane doesn’t move to a vertex as it is selected with LMB down in Mirror Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the mirror plane arrow isn’t picked by LMB down.

  • Tweak : Removed Ignore item in Boundary property in Mirror tool.

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