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Modeling with Gizmos

With the Move, Rotation and Scale gizmos you can move, rotate and scale vertices, edges and polygons with ease.

And holding SHIFT and moving those gizmos allow you to extrude elements.

Push and Pull

With the Push/Pull tool, you can create a 3D shape from a polygon or cut a 3D shape out of your model. It lets you push/pull any type of polygon.

Curved Shape Modeling

UModeler provides several ways of creating curved shapes. Bevel and Follow tools allow you to create chamfered or rounded corners to geometry quickly. With the Arc and disk tools you can draw curves everywhere and make them 3D easily with Push/Pull tool.

Synchronous Mirroring

Mirroring an Object will create a reversed version of it. In Mirror Mode any changes you make are reflected immediately to the reversed part.

Geometry Cutting

With the various drawing tools you can cut up a polygon or create a hole. Loop Slice tool allows you to subdivide polygons using edge loops. And Cut tool enables you to cut up a mesh into two along a line as if it is done by a knife.

Boolean Operations

Union, Intersection and Subtraction between two UModeler objects can be applied and it usually makes a clean geometry.

Extruding along a Path

Follow tool leads a polygon along a path to create a 3D shape. It has a multitude of applications and enables you to draw complex 3D models with only a few clicks.

Easy Mesh Repair

Collapse Tool, Remove Double Tool, Bridge Tool, Eraser Tool, Combine Tool, Align Tool etc. There are many tools in UModeler to help you repair a mesh to make it clean.

Parameter Based Shapes

Any primitive shapes can be created by dragging a mouse and you can fill parameters with specific numbers in the inspector to give them detailed changes.


Simple Polygon based Topology

Any 2D shape can be a polygon in UModeler. Concave as well as convex shape is a basic manipulation unit. Even a polygon with holes can be handled with no difficulties. This is because UModeler can triangulate any simple polygons to feed them into the renderer.

Sketch based Modeling

With the support of the simple polygon topology you can sketch and draw a polygon. This reduces the difficulties of modeling a lot. Therefore modeling novices can model what they want easily as well with UModeler 

Smart Cursor Snap

When the cursor is hovering over a point, a line or the midpoint of a line and polygon etc, it will be snapped to them immediately and the color of the cursor will change accordingly. For example the cursor color will change to orange when it is snapped to a point and it will be a green when it is snapped to a line. Moreover UModeler will tell you whether the line you are drawing is parallel with one of the main axes or it is snapped to a principal axis-aligned line crossing a point with different cursor colors.

Various 2D Primitive Shapes

Line, Arc, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Disk, Side Stair and Parallel Line tools are provided to allow you to sketch on a polygon and floor. With the combination of these 2D shapes you can create a variety of polygon shapes intuitively.



UV Editor

UModeler has a built-in UV Editor which consists of a viewport, toolbar and menu panel. You can move, rotate and scale every UV, edge, face and UV island with the gizmos easily.

Quick Transform

UModeler contains​ some useful tools for quick transform of elements as below.

  • 90 degree rotation tools

  • Alignment Tools

  • Flip Tools

  • And More

Export UV Outlines

The UV outlines can be exported to .png file to be used with texture map painting, atlasing, sprite sheets, etc.

Weld and Sew

You can collapse the selected elements to the first, center or last with the Weld tools. With the Sew and Move-Sew tools you can join the UVs corresponding to the same vertex in 3D space with ease.

Pivot Point Control

Using Cross Cursor you can set a  spot about which a rotation takes place, or to and from which a scale occurs.

Auto Layout

Just double LMB click on a polygon will unwrap it keeping adjacency of neighbor polygons.This makes unwrapping pretty easy and quick.


Sketch and Extrude

The powerful and easy-to-use drawing tools allow you to sketch a plan of your level and the Push/Pull tool makes it 3D by just dragging a mouse. The way of creating the 3D primitive shapes provided by UModeler enables you to add boxes, cylinders, stairs, cones, spheres etc to any place easily.

Beyond Just White Boxes

The various modeling/UV Mapping tools will give you chances to enhance your prototype level consisting of just white boxes to an elaborate level with no help of the external DCC tools. 



bandicam 2018-09-18 18-59-35-134.jpg
Immediate Mesh Editing

A mesh with MeshFilter component can be modified and edited just by adding the UModeler component. It's called UModelerization.

No more Export & Import

You don't need to export a mesh out of Unity and import it into other DCC tools to modify a mesh because UModeler empowers you to convert a general mesh and modify it without leaving Unity.

bandicam 2018-09-18 19-00-19-291.jpg


Icon & Context Based Menu

Finally UModeler has the icon based menu system. The menu can be in the separate dockable window as well as the inspector as before. And unavailable menu items are grayscale depending on which tool is chosen. The existed text based menu is still available.

Detailed Tooltip

When the mouse cursor hovers over a menu button for a second the detailed tooltip will pop up. The tooltip contains a description of what the tool is and how to use it. This will help you get familiarized with UModeler.  

Adding shapes
on a Surface

With Glue property on you can 3D primitive shapes on a surface without overlapping.  It's like sticking a bottom of a shape on a floor. The overlapping and hidden parts of them are deleted to create clean faces.

Material Assignment

You can assign several materials to one UModeler mesh all at once. Materials which will be used can be added in the Material tool and each material has its own id which can be assigned to each polygon.

Smoothing Group

Smoothing groups let you select a group of polygons that will be smoothed together as a whole. UModeler contains the Smoothing Group tool to manage and assign such smoothing groups.

Polygon and Vertex Coloring

With Polygon and Vertex Color tools you can paint a mesh in colors. The disk brush used in those tools eases assigning colors to vertices and polygons.

Grid & Rotation Snap

For precise modeling UModeler supports the grid and rotation snap which help you make a modular mesh.

3D Cursor

The 3D Cursor is used as the origin for any added object, can be used and moved with the snap tool, and is an option for the pivot point.

Various Selection Tools

Loop, Ring, All/None, Isolated, Increase, Invert Tools make your selection of elements easier and quicker.